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More on the PLoS Special Collection on the Genomic of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Genomics Faculty Jobs at the Joint Genome Institute

Personal Medicine Panel Discussion at American River College

Job posting: Bodega Marine Reserve Manager #ecology #marine #UCDavis

Microbes, art, science all rolled into one - yum

A field guide to the microbes?

Lake Solano Trip - Creepers, Lizards, Woodpeckers and More

Science journals: asking for concision-good, restricting # of refs-bad

CSI-Miami could be renamed CSI Microbiology

What a waste in #Davis - a whole election & associated material for one vote

Walkscore - software for walkability of communities goes open source

#OPenAccess Week event at #UCDavis today 10/20: C. Mitchell from California Digital Library

Want a qick $100,000 for infectious disease research - ask uncle Bill

Worst new omics word award #5: fermentome

Help save viral ecology (or, when a corporate takeover can kill a field of science)

Bay Area Biosystematists: 10/15 w/ undergrads. on their research

Open Access Week October 19-23, 2009

Adopt a GEBA genome program for education - from the DOE/JGI

3rd Annual Western Evolutionary Biology Meeting 12/5/09 at Berkeley

Some tweets of mine with links about #PLoS papers by #Nobel winners

Worst new omics word award: Omnigenomics by (surprisingly) @Genomicron