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Single cell genomics gets its own Center at the Bigelow Lab

Open letter from the Academic Council to the UC (U. California) community

Bay Area Biosystematists: 12/8, John Carlos Garza on Genetics & mgmt of California fishes

NSF looking for grants on "Life in Transition" re:climate change

Worst new omics word award: Negatome

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Going on pump is like going back to school

And the winner of 'most nimble new science journal web site' is mBio

For $&%# sake, Bentham Open Journals, leave me alone

Wanted - Bad New Omics Words

Biologists rally to sequence 'neglected' microbes : Nature News

And the sling jaw wrasse makes it to ESPN

ASM - launches new Open Access journal - w/ some aspects of #PLoS One and PNAS

Worst new omics word award: material degradomics

Day 2 on the pump

Holy Slingjaw Wrasse and the power of twitter

Day 1 - Pumping Again

1000 Complete Bacterial and Archaea Genomes -wow

Bay Area Bioinformatics Group

Bay Area Biosystematists Mtg 11/10, #UCDavis, on Community Phylogenetics

Posting Notes from NAS Microbes and Health Meeting here on my blog