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Taking a much needed blogging/twitter/etc break for a few weeks

NASA arsenic story - let's lay off the personal attacks on all sides

10 benefits (for my career) of blogging/tweeting/etc #fb

Quick post - congrats to Jill Banfield, environmental #microbiology guru, for winning Franklin Medal & L'Oreal-UNESCO award

A very simple suggestion for scientists to increase their interactions w/ people in the humanities

Another good paper, but bad omics word of the day: uniqueome

One of my new favorite things: paleovirology

Good paper but bad omics word of the day: drugome

YARFOA: Yet another reason for #OpenAccess: speeding innovation in aquaculture

Good omics word of the day: transcriptomics

The Story behind the Meeting: Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes 2010 #LAMG10

Figuring out figures in scientific papers: new search / ranking method outline in PLoS One paper

Twisted Tree of Life Award #9: Nature News on the "Marsupial" platypus

10:10 AM on 10/10/10 Happy binary day

Twisted Tree of Life Award #7 #8: Alroy on "Changing the rules of evolution"

Stanford Magazine and a veneer of science: helping the world buy "human pheromones"

Here's hoping molecular classification/systematics of cultured & uncultured microbes wins #NobelPrize in medicine

Foundation: Nobel Prizes to be awarded via reality shows incl. Nobel Survivor, Sweden's Next Model (System) & The Amazing Particle Race

So crappy it is awesome: Paper from Poo

BIS002C "Biodiversity & the tree of life" Lecture2&3 more on phylogeny & trees

BIS002C "Biodiversity & the tree of life" Lecture 1 tomorrow: Intro to phylogeny; #UCDavis

Quick Tip: if you want someone to share job ads, announcements, etc, send links to web sites not attachments

Probiotic use spreading, lots of money being made, known benefits still murky

Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes notes, live streaming, I hope here, #LAMG10

Probiotics are the new viagra & the risks of overselling of probiotics

Searching twitter for science related topics; best strategies? favorite searches?

Blog sponsorship spam - no thanks; wonder if this is how Pepsigate started?

More of the worst conference descriptions ever

Can't wait for this meeting on Microbial Communities as Drivers of Ecosystem Complexity