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Bay Area Biosystematists Meeting: w/ Quenton Wheeler - Feb 9

Bad omics word of the day: connectome

Wanted:Feedback on Importance of Finishing (Microbial) Genomes

Cool paper, & winner of "worst new omics word award": Predatosome

ISI - late to index #PLoS One but now marketing that they do so

GlaxoSmithKline opening up malaria data a wee bit, but more needed

More from Yolo Basin

Fun at the #UCDavis Raptor Center

Enough w/ the good: here are the top10 problems w/ the #scio10 meeting

Confronting Intelligent Design arguments directly in the scientific literature

And the real mission of #scio10 is fulfilled: kids play with educational freebies

Top 11 things I learned at Science Online 2010 (#scio10)

Wanted - input on topics for "open access" publishing discussion at #scio10

Gmail account deletion phishing attempt ...

Ooh - my first Epernicus spam

UC Pres. Yudof (@mark_yudof) statement regarding California budget

Nice "Tree of life" video from Peabody Museum

Can you apply the laws of science to the science of laws? try this CCST fellowship

#PLoSOne paper keywords revealing: (#Penis #Microbiome #Circumcision #HIV); press release misleading

Story behind the science: #PLoS Biology paper on cichlid vision evolution

Barcoding, taxonomy and citizen CSI