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Some quick links on #OSS2010 Open Science Summit 2010

Science SPAMMER of the month: OMICS publishing group

Yay: #DavisCA police come through quickly on issue of dangerous signs

Testing, testing - why we need more testing like this in genomic informatics & annotation methods

Burrowing Owls on Wildhorse Ag Buffer Trail

More crawdad fishing in Wildhorse Creek, Davis, CA

Getting more and more annoyed with dangerous Real Estate signs in #DavisCA

Crawdads from Wildhorse Creek, Davis, CA

What is not getting any love at this #metagenomics meeting

CA scientists - time to rally for a good rock (serpentine)

CA scientists - time to rally for a good rock (serpentine)

PZ Myers will reveal his decision on free blogagency on live TV

Anyone else getting lots of China-Conference SPAM recently?

Evolution diet for pets. Why not for people? Oh wait, of course that has been thought of before

Summary of #iEVOBIO Day 2, #phylogenetics #informatics #opensource #biodiversity #evolution

Summary of #iEVOBIO Day 1 #evolution #phylogenetics #informatics #opensource