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iEVOBIO Coming soon (6/20-21): Metagenomics, Biodiversity, Barcoding, Data Integration, and more

Wanted: Sample collections for the Earth Microbiome Project (EMP); help make an open Field Guide to the Microbes

Lawrence Lessig on Copyright "The architecture of access to scientific knowledge" #CERN

The @nytimes missed a great chance to suggest what astronauts can do as NASA changes: go deep, into the ocean that is

A "work" trip to Catalina Island: USC, Wrigley, C-DEBI, dark energy biosphere, Virgin Oceanic, Deep Five, & more

Compilation of links about my brother Michael's story on Amazon's $23million book about flies

Yolo Bypass area to reopen Saturday

Wanted - best/funniest/strangest Acknowledgements sections from papers

Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

Microbes do some strange things: splitting and permuting tRNAs

Hospital acquired infections - NY Times raising level of attention w/ editorial

Boston, Bioinformatics & Ben Franklin Award wrap up from #BioIT11

Interesting PLoS One paper on local assembly from short reads by "tagging" DNA via restriction enzymes

Hmm - How did I miss this paper discussing RFAM, Wikipedia & community annotation #cool

Nice review/commentary on challenges in phylogenomic analysis in PLoS Bio by Philippe et al. #fb

Richard Branson getting into microbial diversity (a little bit)

Request for #UCDavis affiliates to help Japan from Chancellor Katehi