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New #openaccess journals welcome; competition good; not sure how they know it is "top tier" though

Some pics of Ted the Titan Arum "Corpse Flower"

New #ucdavis store open on 2nd street

Disclosures - we have disclosures - 23&me paper in PLoS Genetics

I still love Dropbox - but maybe a little bit less right now

Travel and meeting notes from #IndoorAir2011 in Austin Texas #microBEnet

A great moment for plant sciences: winners of HHMI-GBMF competition for Plant Science Program Investigators announced

Some quick notes on #Synbio5: Synthetic Biology 5.0 at Stanford

Schwag from #synbio5 very popular at home #Amyris #igem

Twisted tree of life award: @Discovermag for article on Lynne Margulis

More pics of hand painted poster from #synbio5

More art & science - hand painted poster at Synthetic Biology #synbio5 - by Karmella Haynes

Absolutely spectacular - glass microbes

Coming up on Jason Stajich (aka @hyphaltip) #fungi #genomics

Yes, I am a #RedSox & #PLoS fan; & this video sort of is proof #BenFranklinAward #OpenScience

How about this? Wash your hands. Please. (Nice video from SLV Health)

Opening up one’s eyes to other fields (cross-posting from #microBEnet)

Fun with Ligercat: pubmed word clouds

Quick update (pics, twitter feed) on #IndoorAir2011 in Austin, TX #microBEnet

Worst new omicsword, perhaps ever, the Dispensome #awful #badomics #reallybad #uggh

I like this pic of me so much it gets a whole post - "Apple Love" by Rhonda Roman

#UCDavis to partner with the Beijing Genome Institute (BGI)

Off to #IndoorAir 2011 in Austin, TX - to discuss and promote #microBEnet

Apparently, my own local paper hates my blog

Crosspost from New, massive volumes on #metagenomics coming out soon

Sequence/short read archive (SRA) back from the dead

New #UCDavis Dean of the College of Biological Sciences: James E.K. Hildreth

Selfish DNA, symbionts and parasites - some quick links

NSF requests for "conflicts of interest" lists drive me batty and seem to penalize collaborative, interdisciplinary researchers

What's Lurking in Your (Work) Basement

A good day for the Public Library of Science and science in general: #PLoS opens up search API

Crosspost from microBEnet: Where is metagenomic analysis heading? Hopefully in directions suggested in this paper.