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Nice review on HiSeq/MiSeq rRNA sequencing from Caporaso et al #microbes

Most unusual use of #microbes of the week: fermented fashion

Dr. Mercola offers up some serious BS on probiotics and the human #microbiome

Video, slides & storify of my talk on "#Phylogeny-driven approaches to #genomics and #metagenomics" from #CSMUBC2012

For those who missed it: "Science as an open enterprise" from Royal Society

"More than a freezer" - #microbes in funny ad for Thermo Scientific freezers

Best. Microbiology. Video. Ever.

Major lesson from #ASM2012 meeting: microblogs & microbiology go together well

Ooh - cool - got to get this "Illustrated Children’s Book Introduces Invisible World Of #Microbes"

Quick summary of session at #ASM2012 on “The Great Indoors” #microBEnet

Some notes from GSC13 session on microbiology of the built environment #microBEnet

Collecting links to blogs that focus entirely or partly on microbiology topics #ASM2012

Coming up at the #ASM2012 mtg. "The Great Indoors: Recent Advances in the Ecology of Built Environments"

The human #microbiome project (HMP): new papers and news stories

Pics from the Redrum hotel in DC where we stayed for #SAMG12

Pics from the Redrum hotel in DC where we stayed for #SAMG12

At IOM Forum on Microbial Threats "Science And Applications of Microbial Genomics" #SAMG12

Updates on the #UCDavis Academic Freedom situation

Crowdsourcing help needed: how many microbes are brought into human GI tract via food? #microbiome

#UCDavis Provost Ralph Hexter very strong statement in support of Academic Freedom #Awesome

New lab publication from Holly Bik: Microbial euks after gulf oil spill

Report on "Egregious Academic Freedom Violation" at #UCDavis

Does phylogeny matter? (In Eco-Evo meta-analyses) ... Apparently, yes, but it depends.

Jonathan Eisen's #Genomics #Microbiology #Evolution Online Office Hours

Overselling genomics award #7: Ron Davis & Forbes for PR presented as "essay"

Preparation Y: Michelle Ellsworth - Performance art mixing dance, genomics, evolution, humor, sex #brilliant