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My Tree of Life doodle on our food container from dinner at Seasons in #DavisCa

William Shatner, Mars, Curiosity, Rover ... fun fun fun

Posts from #microBEnet that may be of interest

Episode of Radio New Zealand "This Way Up": "Meet your microbes" discussion w/ me

Not a #badomics word but - "Evolutionary Systems Biology" is - well - pretty complex

Future of the human microbiome project (HMP) at NIH?

Best #human #microbiome item of week: #MinaBissellToo #Cancer #TED

Good morning to my Twitter SPAM followers - is Twitter even trying to stop this?

MoreCite Feed from my Google Citations Page

For those interested ... storification of twitter discussion criticizing NY Times article on Venter cell model

#UCDavis neurosurgeons conducted experimental surgery w/o IRB approval

"Life on Man" - amazing book on human associated microbes

Twitter seems to have lost complete control of some spam

My "human associated microbes" talk now available on TED site (w/ transcripts too).

Three talks, 1.5 days at #ISMB ... phylogeny, phylogenomics, open science and more

My new paper in #Gigascience: #Badomics words and the power and peril of the ome-meme

Posted to Twitter, FB, etc but had to post to blog too: best genomics Venn Diagram ever

Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes 2012 #Genomes #Microbes #Mountains #Lake #Fun #Wine #MustGo

Can food safety be fun? Not sure, but this video is OK. #microbes

Google/ Blogger "Dynamic Views" - Fancy but limited

Visit to Capitol Public Radio HQ & appearance on "Insight" w/ @CapRadioRuyak

Extra fruit in your trees? Don't let it rot - donate it #DavisCA #VillageHarvest

Possibly new (not sure) connection between colic and Helicobacter pylori infections

Fungal parasite of caterpillars is source of "Himalayan viagra"

Microbial music: Christine Lavin and the Amoeba Hop

#Microbe humor: Spacewalk 1986: Bacteria

A #microbe by any other name would smell as sweat?

If the International Whaling Commission really wanted to improve cetacean-science it could require openness rather than allowing whaling

Microbe humor of the week: Jon Stewart from 1999 on Giant Bacterium

Huffington Post picks me & two members of lab as top biologists/chemists to follow on Twitter

Nice feature on the human microbiome in the SF Chron w/ a little Toxoplasma error

Science Humor of the Week: The Limits of Science from Mr. Show

Is Illumina the "duct tape" of sequencing?