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Fun to see how Resistance the Film is coming along ... teaser released

Some new posts by, well, me, of possible interest

Nice microbe-art-education example from Cornell

Things I don't understand episode 2000: Why in comparing humans & other animals the null hypothesis people always use (and thus try to disprove) is that humans ≠ animals

CVS marketing probiotics for everyone - even kids - & the disclaimers are barely visible

Transitions in the CAMERA metagenomics database ---

Hope from sadness: Loreto Godoy Memorial Fellowship (needs $5K more to become permanently endowed)

Nice PBS Newshour Piece on Alan Alda's flame challenge and communicating science

Possibly interesting new microbiome study but can't get past misleading quote

Mini journal club: staged phage attack of a humanizes microbiome of mouse

Journal club light: skeptical of "Phylo SI: a new genome-wide approach for prokaryotic phylogeny"

Strange email of the week: "Publication Integrity and Ethics"

How to make a funny video commenting on gender issues in science and engineering

PBS Digital Studios Offensive Thanksgiving Special includes Einstein sexually assaulting Marie Curie

Short post- a bad taste in my mouth for overselling the microbiome

Draft Outline of Workshop "Publish or perish? The future of academic publishing and careers" #UCDavis 2/13-2/14

Twitter chatter / links of interest: October 2013

Crosspost: I never meta data I didn't like - especially re: standards for the built environment #IndoorMicro

RIP Monica Riley of MBL, one of the true greats of E. coli biology, genetics & genomics

Interview of me and my brother (@mbeisen) regarding history of #PLOSBiology ...

Ideas wanted for workshop on the "Future of Academic Publishing and Careers"

UCDavis ADVANCE Reading of the Day: How not to run a women in science campaign

Some great post doc opportunities at UC Davis

Spammy journal invite of the day: Journal of Immunology & Clinical Research!

All figures from all my papers

Giving thanks ... Acknowledgements cannot be said / posted enough ...

Victoria Schlesinger in Al Jazeera America on Open Data Pros and Cons

Rob Desalle Talk at UC Davis - Storification of Twitter Notes

#UCDavis Phaff Yeast Collection & Kyria Boundy-Mills featured on Radio New Zealand

It may have been a flawed #OpenAccess "Sting" but WE ROCKED IT so submit to our journal ...

Love these QTL experiment where microbe relative abundance is the quantitative trait being studied

Who are the microbes in your neighborhood? Quite a few are from Melainabacteria - a new phylum sister to Cyanobacteria

The government shutdown of science - a screenshot gallery

Time for a Nobel Prize for the human microbiome? I think so ... what do you think?

Fecal transplants as treatment for anxiety? Not so fast (but worth pondering)

Best evidence yet that we should do away with the "Candidatus" terminology used for uncultured microbes

Lovely - Entangled Bank conference not only only includes men, but has obnoxious FAQ about doing that

Guest post by Josh Weitz: IP vs. PI-s: On Intellectual Property and Intellectual Exchange in the Sciences and Engineering as Practiced in Academia

Jerusalem Post on Allergy and Fecal transplants

The Saga of Howard Zochlinski, ex-#UCDavis PhD Student