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Yes, the human microbiome has truly arrived: on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Trying to sort out all the STEM and STEM related departments, graduate programs , at #UCDavis

Bad Ome-like word of the week: symbiome

Storified tweets from the #UCDavisADVANCE Symposium on Increasing Diversity of STEM Faculty

So cool - NSF has a program to provide supplemental funds when CAREER PIs go on family leave

If you are into microbial diversity and use R this may be worth checking out: phyloseq

Quick post: interesting article in Smithsonian on the human microbiome by Richard Conniff

Announcement: Intntl. BioInformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution & Molecular Epidemiology

Guest post: Kevin Carpenter on his new microbial photo exhibit at the Exploratorium in SF #SoCool

YAMMGM: Yet another mostly male genomics meeting

Do we need naming regulations for computer software?

Cool #OpenAccess paper from McTavish et al. on Domestication of New World Cattle

WWWD - What would Wolbachia do? Not always male destruction. Not always mutualism. Sometimes they disappear.

Microbes and obesity - more connections